Dolce and Gabbana’s costume romanticism:

How many fairy-tales and historical stereotypes will they exploit before audiences become bored ?

Let’s go back to 2013. Dolce and Gabbana’s byzantine crowns were enough to make me pledge allegiance to the brand and the collection was my obsession for the next few months. Impeccable Embellishment matched with beautiful themes of Byzantium, Sicily and Spanish Matadors leave you somewhat star struck. High street fashion can’t dream of infiltrating the level of craftsmanship and intricacy either. Too beautiful for words. But now in 2015, I look back at the collections post 2011 and I see a clear pattern. It seems Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce realised how well costume drama and the emotion of history sell. Its a like art work in motion down the runway.

However could it be that the use of superficial aesthetic elements like Spanish red roses and Greek gold coins creates more of a costume than fashion which is then orchestrated in to beautiful scene for advertisement.

Though it could be argued the lines between costume and fashion are often blurred by the likes of Galliano or McQueen but I felt that the D&G collections presented a more confined approach to using the historical artifacts as more templates than inspiration. Presenting the thought of whether it really a D&G crown or dress ? No doubt its is all visually stunning and I still love each collection but i don’t think it can claim originality.  Surely their should be some level of innovation and design in fashion. After all pastiche however good is just a composition of existing elements.

Finally I wonder what the long term brand implications will be ?               Will audiences know what Dolce and Gabbana stands for and will the designers be seen as little more than copy cat costume makers ?








Presenting talented Korean Illustrator @sokidahee

Yes, she is another fabulous Korean like the first post but trust me, her work speaks for itself. Awarded power-blogger Dahee Kim creates an air of abstraction but retains vivid colour and just the right amount of detail to captivate the viewer. I personally love her use of thick edged marker lines and incorporation of props to make themed imagery.

Follow her on instagram @sokidahee because we all need some modern art in our daily feed.

Check out her website (

Below are some of my favorites.








For the first post I present the super sophisticated @MONLINGLEE …

Color is a scary wardrobe word for so many of us. We may venture for one pair of orange flats or a bright pink top but it’s always downplayed with a lot of black and navy. One person who doesn’t shy away from vibrant and doesn’t go halfway is style color queen and architectural designer Monling Lee. Based in Washington DC she provides great inspiration for more adventurous outfits. Her website COLOR INDEX is beautiful and has all her stuff on there so check it out in the link below.

FOLLOW @Monlinglee BECAUSE: Guaranteed stunning visuals that provide the best blueprint for how to wear colour and not look like a parrot.

Here are some of my favorites… LET YOUR EYES ENJOY !



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